Still Alive!

Just a quick note to say that yes, I am indeed alive and well. The kraken has been on a road trip for the past month, and my internet access has been severely limited. 

I HAVE been working on a few more blog post, but you may have noticed that I am a huge fan of links and fact checking, and lack of internet access really limits my ability to do that (this has been difficult as I really like posting giff’s of animals being jerks on facebook)

I hope to have a new blog post posted (blog posted?) within the next two weeks, but in the mean time, HERE ARE SOME LINKS! – this is a great site for young feminists looking for a place to share, connect, and write with other young women who want to speak up about feminism. This site is a great source for a feminist perspective on popular culture, current events, and whatever happens to be going on around the internet. – this Canadian site is also a great resource for young women who want to write about women’s equality and feminism. It also has information on the Elle project and their leadership training program for young women. – I talk about this site a lot. Check it out.  – This is the website for the feminist magazine founded by Gloria Steinem. – This is a Giff of Voldemort’s head on Britney Spears’s body.