Call It What It Is: The SMU Rape Chant


The headline “Saint Mary’s Frosh Underage Sex Chant Sparks Review” is in and of itself problematic.

“Underage Sex” = statutory rape. It just does. That’s the definition. And that’s not even that part where they actually cheer for rape. Rape in general.

Let’s break down this masterpiece of (university level)prose, shall we? It reaches a level Robin Thick could never hope to capture.

“Y… is for your sister” The “Y” is probably the least offensive, proving that these university kids are extremely clever. Or maybe they’re just naming their victim. YOU CHOOSE!

“O… is for Oh so tight.” Tight vagina. Because preferably she would be a virgin?

“U… is for underage” Okay shut it down. Stop. Please. Just don’t. The implication of this is that you are looking for girls who are not able to legally consent to sex. This makes whatever you wish to do rape, and also pushes you towards that “pedofile” arena in case you were wondering.

“N… is for No Consent” So Rape. You mean rape. “No consent” is the DEFINITION of rape.

“G… is for grab that ass.” While you rape her. Grab that ass while you rape her.

To summarize, in case this breakdown was too difficult for you to follow, translated from ass-hole misogynist-potential rapist language, the chanters wish to rape underage girls. Preferably your sister.

They want to rape underage girls.

They want to rape underage girls.

They. Want. To. Rape. Underage. Girls.


I’m sorry to keep repeating myself, but I don’t know how to make this ANY MORE CLEAR. There is no defense to this! There is no excuse! This is condoning rape, and violence against women and GIRLS. Not only does this CONDONE rape. IT ENCOURAGES RAPE. IT CELEBRATES RAPE. AND I’M GOING TO CONTINUE SAYING RAPE BECAUSE THE MEDIA REFUSES TO!

Student Union President Jared Perry (who had the decency to step down from his position of Chair of Students Nova Scotia) was quoted by CBC: “These are great leaders,” said Perry. “This was simply a moment with a lack of judgment.”

Don’t try to tell me they didn’t know what they were saying. Take some goddamn responsibility for what comes out of your mouth.

Also, they DID know what they were saying. And it wasn’t only the men. In the CBC article on this story, they interviewed two women at the event.

“We thought it was funny,” said Siobhan Evans. ”We were all just excited … I don’t regret it.”

“It wasn’t a big deal to me. I’m not a feminist kind of person. It didn’t affect me personally,” said second-year psychology student Amanda Fougere.

These two gems come from two young women who should be ashamed of themselves. Because not only does participating in this disgusting parade of hate towards women and girls show a SHOCKING amount of ignorance, but it illustrates that they give no shits towards the well being of their fellow women on campus. Because it doesn’t affect them and they think it’s funny.

Ladies of SMU, next time you’re out at a bar, I don’t recommend asking Evans or Fourgere to watch your drink. They’re not on your side.

And to be clear, the sides here are not Men Vs. Women.

The sides are “people who are trying to convince you rape is okay” Vs. “people who know it’s not.”

You can watch the video here:

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