My name is Tessa MacIntyre. I’m a writer, student filmmaker, feminist, geek, gamer.

I’ve always been a pretty passive feminist, but recently I got pushed over the edge and can’t not talk about it anymore. For the last few years I’ve become a pretty vocal feminist. I continue to be pushed over the edge and it only serves to feed my rage fire. Feminism is not a dirty word! I want to help make people understand this by starting a conversation about feminism and current trends and events that have an impact on women’s rights. I don’t claim to have all the answers, or to be right about everything. Whatever I post on this blog is (obviously) my own opinion, and I don’t want to hear yours so don’t bother*.

Kidding!. Let’s talk. You and me. If I didn’t think something was worth discussing, I wouldn’t write about it in the first place.

*I will not tolerate sexist/racial/homophobic/any kind of slur in the comments.

Also, I have to thank my friend Mary for coining the title of this blog during a twitter-rant storm.

You can find me on twitter @thetessamac

And I’m on tumblr: http://thetessamac.tumblr.com/

I’ve had a a few people asking if I accept guest-kraken posts, and I do! You can send any submissions to me at feministkraken@gmail.com

However, there are also lots of feminist blogs which you can submit to and post on as well! Some great ones I highly recommend if you’re interested in writing are listed below.




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